For companies

Buy 10,000 climate-safe Swedish-produced fruit trees (66 good varieties) for resale.

If you are a company, we can invoice you directly and excluding VAT. Please contact us by email for more information:

About us

We are a new nursery that specializes in climate-protected fruit trees that are:

  • Very resistant to disease, drought and cold
  • Is fast growing and bears a lot of fruit
  • Can thrive under organic growing conditions
  • Can be 100 years old

For resale

The trees are of the old well-known varieties but are grafted with wild strains or with selected rootstocks which, in addition to the good and strong properties of the wild strain, also have, for example, high survival against extreme cold. We use the Antonovka apple from Siberia which survives -40Co.

Our desire is to be cheaper than other tree producers, and have done a lot to develop the production method so that we can be competitive, and we believe we are.

On our shop homepage, you can see that we sell our trees from SEK 50 for a small one-year-old tree to SEK 300 for a large 3-4-year-old tree (Visit shop).

We already have 20,000 trees in stock. We can deliver 50,000 trees in 2023.

We think we will sell our trees to you for 40% of the sale price, but we are open to price proposals.

Call today for a non-binding conversation or send an email to

We look forward to hearing from you!

For farmers and large-scale plantations

We have the capacity and can support you from all stages from planning to realization of production farms.

With advice on sorting combinations, placement etc.

With our production, we can deliver several thousand trees at the same time and help manifest hectares of fruit tree planting.

Contact us directly to find the best solution for you.